Time for Blogging

I have broken one of the rules for blogging; I did not blog for three months. I wrote in an earlier post that you should blog whenever you have time. December, January, and February just passed by with Christmas, lots of guests from Denmark and Brussels, a sick kid, Inauguration, and a trip to the US Virgin Islands. I have also started my capstone project at Georgetown University.  And I am the program coordinator of the Lantos/Humanity In Action Capitol Hill Fellowship this semester which does take more time than I assumed – but it is great fun to be with 12 European law and journalism students.

I do not expect I will get more time – but now I will try to find time for blogging. I have missed blogging. Missed the conversation with peers from Georgetown, and it is a good way to reflect on what’s going on.


I wrote two pieces for the Danish communications magazine, Kommunikatøren in January. One story iss about my day on Inauguration. The other story is about corporate communication (or the lack of) during the financial and economic crisis. (Sorry they are both in Danish)



One response to “Time for Blogging

  1. Bente Kalsnes

    I’m glad you are back blogging, Anne! I missed reading your take on digital developments. I completely know what you mean regarding the time issue. I’m trying to challenge myself to write short, but still good blog post, maybe that can give me some time to other things as well. Or maybe I’ll start using my iPhone for blog updates, while on the metro.

    Anyway, happy women’s day! The most powerful I did today was to run for hours (it felt like that), and take the elevator to the top of Atomium here in Brussels:-)

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