Passing 2.000 Hits

Everything is about hits. I cannot remember where I read that earlier today researching for the blog I will post in a minute. Hits and Technorati Authority define a blog’s worth. SO I just have to share the new hit statistics: 2,058.  No exponential growth here except on a few ocassions where my professor linked to an old post – thanks to his current students in Social Media. The link from e.politics to my entry on Video as a Campaign Tool did help as well. And I do see some exponential growth in the hits on my COP15 post. But thanks God it is not a Perfect Storm or a Hocky Stick (see Joe Trippi).

One more post to go. Thanks to my class and Garrett for another great adventure. Enjoy August and some time off.


One response to “Passing 2.000 Hits

  1. All about hits? I would say not. It’s all about interactivity and usefulness. Hits are what happens to a billboard when people drive by it. Whether or not information can be used, updated, kept relevant, be interactive, provide fire for the engine of civic debate and democracy is the Web 2.0 challenge and promise.

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