My YouTube Test

I am still high from the best class this semester (I don´t dare writing ever….but it was really good and I learned A LOT about YouTube.) Garrett Graff had invited James Kotecki to come to our class. Garrett introduced Kotecki as the guy who makes Garreff feel old. Did you see this in New York Times yesterday? I can´t help asking do you have to be young to do this? Well, I am glad that Charlene Li, Schoble, Jarvis – and others I follow on Twitter and elsewhere are not in their 20s. But I have to admit that everytime I have been fighting with YouTube, I have had the feeling of being old and a tech-illerate (which I am). Thanks Amber – for showing me how to embed YouTube into my blog. Just to prove I can do it – I embed YES WE CAN.


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