Red versus Blue Blogging: Thursday

Thursday June 12, 2008

It might be that New York Times are agenda setting in the mainstream media. But the story “Obama Aide Quits Under Fire for Business Ties” was old news in the blogosphere yesterday. Furthermore, it was a slower blogging day on the political front on Instapundit. Glenn Reynolds linked to seven political stories and it became clear to me that he is not really that “excited” about John McCain see these comments posted by Reynolds June 12, 2008 on Instapundit:


Indeed. Plus this: “At present, it is charitable to call Mr. McCain’s energy ideas incoherent, and it may cost him the election.” (Reynolds also mentioned this issue on Wednesday)

DON SURBER: Republican Sen. John McCain needs a better speechwriter. Working on his delivery wouldn’t hurt, either.

Reynolds also has the daily doses of “slandering” Obama. A reader of the blog has emailed a photo of a garbage can in front of a wall with a sign saying “Voting for Obama.”


Off The Bus (OTB) has also a daily dose of criticizing McCain. News Trust published preliminary results of the project ranking news (print, radio, TV, and blogging) about McCain. (Interesting reading by the way). The blog also raises Obama’s bi-racial question and comments on Obama emailing with the celebrity Scarlett Johansson.


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