Red versus Blue Blogging: Tuesday

Tuesday June 10, 2008

Here’s my first entry on Red versus Blue Blogging (my post describing the assignment) with Instapundit and Off the Bus (OTB) as examples of blogs from either side of the political aisle in U.S.



As far as I can see, the mainstream media covered the candidates’ policies on the economy (For instance, Obama, Adopting Economy Theme in New York Times and Says Obama Run for Carter 2nd Term on the Drudge Report). Neither Off the Bus (OFB) nor Instapundit covered the economy yesterday. Actually they did not blog about the same issues, besides both touches on the theme of the first lady. OTB blogs about strength and weaknesses of Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain, and Instapundit links to a story about Laura Bush defending Michelle Obama’s patriotism.


Seven out of nine blog entries on OTB were analyzing or criticizing the current administration (for instance impeachment, neuclear waste on the Yucca Mountain, felons without the right to vote) or the presumptive presidential Republican candidate McCain. Instapundit covered all from the Democratic Vice President candidate to Ron Paul’s convention.


Discussion and comments

Six out of nine blog entries did not get more than one comment. Dawn Teo’s blog McCain Acknowledges He May Lose Arizona and Daniel Nichanian’s blog on the same theme got 36 and 52 comments. The entry written by Jane Hamsker from firedoglake on Mayhill Fowler got 64 comments. All fairly dissent.


Style and arguments

OTB has few but long entries. Instapundit has many entries but they are short (one or two sentences and a link).


Both amateur and professional reporters contribute to OTB. On Tuesday, most of the reporters were also professional writers (reporters or PR people), and their blogging style or structure are very similar to print journalism. Some of them use the structure of op-eds. They are all trying to enhancing the Democratic agenda but some of them, especially those who are not affiliated with a news outlet, seem to be more “opinionated”. A quick read gives the impression that the arguments are persuasive and dissent. They chose a strong argument to fight against, instead of slandering the opponents.


Instapundit covers everything from politics to sex and employs a certain sense of humor. Reynolds is not slandering the Democrats in any way but he makes fun of them from time to time. I am quite sure I do not understand everything that is between the lines, because it is the first time I read the blog. 



OTB has a variety of authors, Instapundit has one.OTB had on Tuesday most bloggers, who professionally also work as reporters or bloggers. All of them are related to the left wing. 






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