My Goodbye to Hillary

Finally, the primary season came to an end this week. I have been on the line with @juliaallison; “I wanted Hillary-Obama, but I’ll settle for Obama-Hillary. Yes, having a woman – P or VP – IS really fucking important.” Having women as P, VP, directors, or frontrunners in any corner of politics and business has been important for me as long as I remember. A part of me is really sad to see that Hillary has been on the losing team for months now. But Obama is the candidate of our time.


I have followed Hillary since the early 90s being a teenager in Denmark. I liked her because she broke the glass ceiling in many ways as First Lady, as lawyer, as a mother, and as Senator of New York. When I red her biography a few years ago, I was impressed with her discipline, intellect, and fighter instinct. I declared to everyone when I left Denmark in 2006 that I was going to help Americans elect their first female president. I was so excited when I signed up as a volunteer in her campaign last year. But I have to admit, I was so disappointed after volunteering only twice in her headquarter outside Washington DC. The campaign did not meet my great expectation – whatever they were. I was excited to see all the pictures of Hillary, Bill and celebrities. I was excited about all the campaign merchandise and the glimpse I got of how a campaign is working. At the same time, I was so disappointed when I realized that the staff on call that day did not care about me and other volunteers waiting for a job to do. Well, I thought of all the reasons they could have to ignore me. It was in October, and it was after all a relative new campaign and a lot of the staffers were really young. But the more I have read about the campaign, talked to Washingtonians and dived into social media, I have learned that this might have been a sign of something else!


My GoogleReader has been full of stories why Hillary did not win. There are a lot of reasons as The Fix explained yesterday. I have just finished “The Last Campaign” by Zachary Karabell about how Truman won the 1948 election. One of the reasons was that Truman had gathered the best team of campaign managers ever seen in U.S. Organizing the campaign is one of the tests for presidential candidates. And Obama has been a really good organizer in many ways. Because of my long-time affiliation with Hillary, it took me some time to be persuaded. When I dived into social media earlier this year, I was convinced by the fact that Obama is running the “First Campaign” based on social networking and social media. I will get more into how Obama became the hottest start-up in Silicon Valley as the summer goes by.


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