New Name

This blog was used to be called Fusose Talks. I thought the name was appropriate in January 08 as I was learning to walk the talk of web 2.0 – just like my son Niels Sofus was learning to talk. We are still both learning. And I have learned that this name is not really working. I learned that between class 1 and 2 while reading Naked Conversations. It says: “What’s in a name? Search engine results.

What do you think? Should I use my Twitter name annejj? Or Anne Juel Jorgensen or Anne Juel Jørgensen as it is spelled in Danish?

You can see my web foot print when I am using my own name – and isn´t what this is about right now, besides having fun writing about things I care about and keep in touch with my web 2.0 class mates from Georgetown University?


2 responses to “New Name

  1. I think you should have your whole name.. danish or not… that does not matter. But your name you are the one talking.

    I am trying to rename mine also… but don’t know what to call it. I learned the same lesson. Kristen

  2. Bente Kalsnes

    In a way, the purpose of the blog decides the name of the blog. If you are doing a more literary, experimental project, I think a fancy, strange word or term might work. But if you want to express your opinions/define your standing within a specific field, I think it is good if the title is clearer. I chose my own name since my blog is quite personal – not private, but I do like to raise my opinons on my favorite topics.

    It’s not easy, and there are no “rules” on this matter, but your name looks good up there, with an Ø!
    By the way, your name link works now:-)

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