I´m twittering

Just like Justin I agreed with Rosie when she said in class who cares? I signed up last week but I did not twitter until an hour ago when I read Justin’s entry. And I guess I signed up for two reasons. Just as Rosie explained in her blog, I do not want to be totally off twitter when it takes off. (OK I was). And one of  my friends recommended me to start twittering. And when she says it I know I have to.


Justin makes a interesting point in saying that If people were to like a political candidate more for her sharing the random tidbits of information that make up her day and ultimately shine a light on who she is as a living, breathing, human being, then perhaps our own relationships can likewise be enhanced by taking a few seconds to drop (literally) a line about a funny argument we witnessed, an amazing cupcake we tasted or a beautiful flower that caught our eye.”       


I guess, we (voters) are looking for someone we like to drink a beer with (as they said about Bush) or maybe have breakfast with. I will sign up for Obama’s and Hillary’s twit and see what it will get me. But I do expect a bit more than just favorite dishes, colors, and cupcakes.


I also expect to get news on this microblogging site. Twitter has shortened the news cycle again. I can get the news from witnesses or other sources, if I want. Witnesses can share updates on major events. And Twittering can be used to organize protests or other events like teamtibet twittered to organize protests.


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