My debut as Wikipedia contributor

If it was terrifying to start blogging, it was also a bit scaring to contribute to Wikipedia. But that’s one of the assignments for today’s class. I am looking forward to see if there are any reactions – besides my teacher Garrett Graff. I did challenge myself in choosing a Danish subject because it is hard to translate a lot of the terms we use for the associations or networks that influence the Danish civil society and democracy. 

Since Christmas, I have had this book about the female Danish politician, Bodil Koch on my desk. Someone had made a stub about Bodil Koch on Wikipedia, and I chose to continue from there based on the book written by the Danish scientist Birgitte Possing. It was the first time in a year and half that I had read a book in Danish. It was great to dwell into my native language. Thanks to my in-laws for giving me this great book and for translating and proof reading the piece. Here’s my contribution.


On the cover of the book Bodil Koch is critizing the American Secretary of State John Foster Dulles for his views on Vietnam, the Cold War and so forth. She had a tendency to say loudly what you are not expected to say, but everyone is thinking the same. She was hated and loved for this – but it is always good to have these characters in politics.


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