The Frozen Pea Fund

 Three stories about social media and networking have captured my attention the last month. First, it was Kiva, second, the Frozen Pea Fund, and third, St. Baldrick’s. Kiva is social networking site where everyone can lend entrepreneurs money. The Frozen Pea Fund raises money for research in breast cancer the American Cancer Society. St. Baldrick’s is also a social network raising funds and awareness to conquer kid’s cancer. They are all working for the good cause in trying to help better life for someone in need. The tools are there, and I wonder what the effects of campaigning in these environments are. For my Social Media Report I took a dive into social media and breast cancer to see how the tools are used. I´ve got the impression that the main American (breast) cancer organizations do not promote their causes more by using these tools.

 frozenpeasontwitter.jpgBut The Frozen Pea Fund is an example of a fundraising effort using the social media tools. It is a grass root organization started by Connie Reeze when her friend Susan Reynolds was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2007. (The American Cancer Society supports the initiative.) The fund uses a social media site, the blog Boobs on Ice, Twitter, and a wiki. It has got a lot of attention (like here and here), and when I heard an interview with the founder on the Hobson and Holz Report, I was actually a bit surprised that they had not raised more money. Maybe my expectations are too high. Furthermore, the fund does not get good ratings in either Quantcast or Technorati. Since I have done my report I can see that a lot of things are going on. The website and the wiki are undergoing some changes. I can also see that Susan Reynolds has some problems by being recognized by Technorati. I cross my fingers that the Frozen Pea Fund will continue its work because it is a good cause, and I am sure other women diagnosed with breast cancer will learn a lot from reading Boobs on Ice. I did – also as the daughter of a breast cancer survivor.  PS. The Frozen Pea Fund has directed my attention to a video project by the American Cancer Society that I did not find in my research for my paper, and I might have to adjust my first impression of the American Cancer Society.


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