There´s no rules

Inspired by Kurtz’ longer blogging style in Washington Post and MacKinnon’s short style I will present my news surf from this week about what I think is interesting and surprising in this wild world of the web. Remember – there’s no rules. Though, you should be cautious of blogging about your job. But maybe not always! 

Surfing the news
Any news about Wikinomics, The Long Tail, The Database of Intentions, Twitter (twittering?),Digg,, and Flickr? I have become addicted to surfing news about these new vocabs in my life. Thanks to GoogleReader and RSS surfing is really an easy way to sort out the information I don’t need.   

I don’t get it. But I know I have to dig deeper just like Jeff Jarvis has done. He convinced me that it can be an effective tool for professional use. Who’s interested in my private life of blogging at 1am, baking bread, or shopping at Barnes and Nobles or Barneys – besides advertisers on Facebook and Google?  

Privacy concerns
Just as fascinating the concept of The Database of Intentions is just as scaring it is for privacy matters. Have you tried to change your profile and noticed the shift in ads? Try! Or try like we did in class to target various voters or consumers in Washington DC from Are you worried? Or do you think it is a blessing with relevant ads?    

Wikinomics in journalism
Thanks to Jeff Jarvis´Buzzmachine, I have got into this wikinomics of journalism as one more example of how wikinomics are being accepted as a best practice for developing ideas and solutions. The idea of using the wisdom of the crowds instead of a few experts appeals to me. I am looking forward to see the stories that the readers of The Dallas Morning News´ will come back with after studying the new material about the murder of JFK.

Kiva – loans that change life
Social networking is not just about friendship, the long Tail of music, books, or used stuff. Check out Kiva and lend money to entrepreneurs in the developing world. See Bill Clinton´s explanation on You Tube

Do you want to be my Facebook friend?
Does social networking change the concept of friendship? Are Facebookers telling the truth about themselves? Who do you want to make your life accessible to?  

Other questions……
How do we cultivate public opinion or educate citizens/consumers on important issues in the future? How do the government and government agencies handle the challenge of the uncontrolled social media?How do the next president integrate the wisdom of crowds and wikinomics into his or her politics?


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