Hot Trends from Google

These snapshots of Google Trends are examples of the Database of Intentions. The trends discover the intentions of the human beings and their desires, needs, or wants.

As I expected the McCain story and the shooting of the spy satellite are among the top searchs. I notice that Lake Erie is back on the list again. And I have to check out what´s going on in Mehlville. The hot trends this morning:


larry davis
2. vicki iseman
3. anthony anderson
4. uss lake erie
5. devon townsend
6. talinda bentley
7. sm 3 missile
8. hydrazine fuel
9. mehlville school district
10. natasha sizow

I wrote this last night – but for whatever reason I could not publish it;  

It is fascinating with all the different things the users of Google are searching for. I guess the searchers are just as curious as I am. (But I wonder why people search for love and happiness…..) Well, did McCain have an affair with Vicki Iseman? We will see where that story will go tomorrow online and offline!  

1. vicki iseman
2. lunar eclipse
3. jesus rey david alfaro
4. solar eclipse
5. lunar eclipse february 20 2008
6. gene simmons sex tape
7. le tourment vert
9. eclipse tonight
10. mccain affair


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