Don’t be evil

I cannot let Google go and have a few more thoughts.
Thank you, Rosie (The Third) for your comment. You are right – we have to trust Google not to do evil things. My impression is like yours that the Brin and Page are aware of the implications of their business and its impact on our society, culture, and life. Their answer to this seems to be the Google truth number one:
“Don’t be evil’.  But how do we define what is evil? I remember reading the story about the shoemaker that Battelle mentions in his book “The Search” in Financial Times a few years ago on a plane to Rome. It made a huge impression. Was Google evil? Google changed some of the algorithms in the search engine and the shoemaker was not among the search results and he lost his business. The shoemaker obviously thinks Google is evil, but I guess Google just improved the search engine for the sake of millions others.  I am really fascinated by Google’s un-conventional business strategy that is also their brand. Don’t be evil and “you can be serious without a suit” are cool truths in the Google world. On the other hand it is odd for a dominating company not to be motivated by money. Is the Chinese market really only interesting because Google can disseminate information and thereby execute its mission and do good? (Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful). Is it a bottom-up approach to create democracy in Communist China? Or is it worth going there because China is the fastest growing e-market right now? No matter what Google is what Barack Obama is for politics these days: the new big thing.  To me Google is the new big thing. Of course I have used a few Google tools like Search engine and IGoogle. During the last month I have added GoogleReader to my daily life. I have just downloaded GoogleEarth (I have checked it out a few years ago but my work computer broke down…and I had to delete it again), and yeh I have seen my house north of Copenhagen. (Have not lived there for a year and a half and I am happy to see that it is still there and the woman who is renting it is taking good care of it. I know – the picture is old because the garden is green).  Now I will also add Google Trends and Zeitgeist.  The Hot Trend today is of course Valentine:

Today’s Hot Trends   (USA)

  1. richard lewis


  3. free ecards

  4. hoops and yoyo

  5. jane fonda today show


  6. hallmark e cards

  7. someecards

  8. some ecards

  9. history of valentines day

10. dayspring

       More Hot Trends »

  I will take a look at the trend once a day for the next week and see what I can get from that. But I have noticed that not one presidential candidate is listed!


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