Reflections on podcasting

Thanks to Dave Winer and Adam Curry who made podcasting available so I can listen to my favourite programs on my IPod where ever I am and whenever I have time! Regularly I podcast the Sunday Morning Shows and Diane Rehm. I have to get more fun podcast in my RSS feed for my lunch break like Ask a Ninja.  I enjoyed listening and watching the podcasts for this class (4). Twit was fun and kind of informative about gadgets – even though there was no point! Or???? I also liked the discussion in Twit 130 with Schoble. I´m his new fan! I think it´s cool that he interviewed the power elite at the World Economic Forum in Davos and taped it on his cell phone. Rocketboom and Webalert are great, weird news outlets.  Podcasting is also a fantastic source to keep track of things back home. I have to admit I rarely podcast Danish news but I listen to my favourite radio talkshow Mads og Monopolet every week. Ordinary people call the Monopoly of celebrities (politicians, writers, artists etc) who solve all kinds of dilemmas. E.g. is it OK to have worms for fishing in the fridge? or your daughter tells you that she has seen pictures of her friends parents having intercourse on the family computer. What do you do? Call the parents and tell them to be aware that these pictures could easily end up in cyber space?


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